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Twenty Second Generic Introduction

My name is Rachael, I live with my little family in Colorado. I fell in "like" with my husband at a Friendsgiving and fell in "love" with him when we realized we hate all the same things. I'll refer to our oldest as Birdie, because she looked like a bird when she started eating solids and I'll refer to our youngest as Jammers because he looks freaking ADORABLE in footie pajamas.

About Well-Loved Books

I started this site because I wanted to make connections with parents, grandparents, teachers, book lovers and other human people. I love how the universe conspires to put the right book in your hand at the right time. Or the same book, every night, for three months in a row! Through my posts, I want to showcase what early literacy looks like for real families and provide connections to valuable resources.

What to Expect

I'll talk to you like an old friend, complete with sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. You'll read stories from our real life: these can be silly, raw, serious, informational. My grammar may not always be on point, I will definitely have run on sentences. I'll include our honest reviews of books we have actually read. You will see photos of said books.If our books look beat up, it is not because they are not well made. It is because they are "well-loved". I'll highlight authors, teachers and literacy programs. Look out for giveaways or fundraisers because I love to share. Except for food, ask my family and friends.

THANK YOU for visiting, I hope you find value, discover a new book and find a sense of community here.

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